B2B Ecommerce is a platform-app that helps seller to export their products in a easy and secure way. 3 were the main focus of my work: 1. The sign-up 2. Order system 3. Add a product

A 3 steps Sign-up

The goal was to re-think the signup flow. After interviews with the Business Developer Managers, I was able to understand which information are important and remove/move all the unnecessary requests. Asking already in the sign-up which products the user is interested in selling, give to the BD Managers the possibility to help the user specifically per product.

A clear order system

The order system has been cleaned up and reorganised with more space for the important information. The user can simply check the order info and confirmed when the order has been shipped so the system can automatically calculate the estimated arrival day.

Add your product

One of the most complex part was the add and manage products, because of the informations required from the sellers. The goal was to create a easier system where user can add a new product with different variants. The 3 main improvements in this section are: the real time search input, tags-input to add different variants of the same product and a 3 tab views to semplify the flow.

And more

Many others aspects of the app have been examined and re-designed. Many small improvements create a big improvement at the end of the process.

Thanks for watching