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ROLE UX/UI Designer & Developer
DATE August 2015


Mylake is the first web application to search and find the best places on Lake Garda (the largest lake in Italy) to eat, sleep, play and enjoy yourself.

The project.

I designed and developed the webapp. I update the design and the code as needed.

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~ Icon

The icon is simple and clean, the "Y" letter of the logo, represent a ping/locator. The gradient is composed by the natural colors of the Lake.


~ Home

All cities are listed in the home. Big images and a quote that describes each city.

~ Categories

The core of the app. The places are organize in 3 categories: Food, Sport and Fun. And each category has his decision-tag, Food-money, Sport-Difficulty and Fun-Fun

~ Menu

And if you want to change city? you don't have to go back to the home, simply use the cities menu.


~ Single structure

The page of a signle structure. It's well organize so it's easy to find the information you need quickly. And with the tool bar, the user can call, contact or reach the place with one tap.


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