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ROLE UX/UI Designer & Developer
DATE August 2013


ToDay webapp is a simple todo app and the first webapp that I created. Clean design and incredible fast. It works in every display and also without internet connection.

The project.

I designed and developed the webapp. I update the design and the code as needed.

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~ The icon

The icon is simple and clean, to has been easly to remember by the user. The 3 colors, gray, blue and red were been choosed to create a cohesive color schemes.


~ All tasks

The design is clean and minimal and the position of every element has been studied to be the best for the user, so he can use the app with just one hand.

~ Interactions

Move a task in "in progress" status or delete it or use the colors filter to give a priority to a new task, is really easy and natural.


~ Animation


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