The Yellow Door is a Interior Design Studio based in Verona, Italy. The project was to create a new and online modern digital present for the Studio.

A new Home

The goal was to create a new website to introduce the Studio and showcase its best projects in a fresh, essential style. The case studies have been carefully designed has the main part of the website, because of their role of client conversion.

Well organized content

The site design is essential in style, focusing on key images and messages in an uncluttered frame. I carefully selected the yellow colour, used on secondary elements, to balance with the logo’s orange colour. This helped to lighten all website

Clean & elegant

The work with the copywriter helped to elaborate a simple and powerful content. This helped to organise it in an easy and natural way for the reader so he can further focus attention on the key visuals and messages.

Home feelings

Colours, style, images, user experience, user interactions and all other elements, were studied and created to give to the user a warm feeling to be at Home

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