10 industrial style kitchens

Inspired by New York lofts, old industrial and artisan buildings, the industrial style gives a lived-in atmosphere, full of personality and that is why it has become one of the main trends of recent years. [source image of the opening here]

It has undergone several changes and contamination over the years, but it remains characterized by clean lines, practical and functional design and a good dose of vintage and worn look. As it lends itself to be combined with other styles, especially Scandinavian and shabby chic, it is currently called Industrial Chic an eclectic look that is truly impressive.

Of the industrial style, of its characteristics and peculiarities, we have already spoken at length in this post, so we will not dwell further, because today we would like to focus on the kitchen environment.
If you too are lovers of this particular trend, here is a guide to furnishing industrial style kitchens.

It is often the same loft environment that requires an industrial style kitchen, which enhances its features and materials, such as large windows, exposed brick walls, and dark metal doors and windows. However, even in a common apartment, with a careful renovation or a restyling, it is possible to insert a kitchen following this style.

Aged wood, iron, aluminum, steel, and cement are the must-have materials for those who want to furnish their kitchen in an industrial style.
So go ahead for steel hoods, professional-type kitchen units, painted metal cabinets, cupboards or buffets in raw wood, essential lamps or vintage headlights, To lix chairs in galvanized steel, smooth doors in antiqued wood… Surely some element really “Old” recovered in the markets or in the attic, will give that impression of authenticity to the whole. but let’s go with the order…

The most important features of industrial style kitchens consist of the sobriety and geometricize of the lines. So forget about frills and frames, lacquered and polished woods.

For the floor, you can choose between a gray resin or aged wooden slats. Alternatively, even a more practical stoneware, available in many sizes, even very large, chosen in the concrete effect finish will be fine.

The walls background of the industrial kitchen is in red bricks left exposed, but not all of them live in brick masonry houses that can be highlighted. Don’t worry, there are still valid alternatives. The first one we propose takes up the look of New York lofts and consists of using simple white staggered tiles with very dark joints, as you can see in one of the lower photos, placed in contrast with a kitchen with black doors. Another alternative is to use even in this case, porcelain stoneware with an iron or concrete effect.

Always with regard to the wall, if you want to follow this style it is better to avoid the wall units and use shelves and sideboards with very linear or metal lines, useful for storing plates and glasses.

The practicality of this style is also in the fact that you will not have to worry about hiding the pipes of the hood or the air conditioning system, because everything can remain visible.

For the industrial kitchen worktop, you can opt for a masonry top made impermeable by the resin. Surely even steel is in tune with style. However, if you want a more economical choice, nowadays there are lots of pretty attractive laminate finishes with a vintage or cement look.

If space allows, your industrial style kitchen can have an island or a peninsula and develop into a composition open to the living room.

Very important is also the natural light, which must illuminate the kitchen. For an industrial style home, large windows are a key element. However, if you cannot change the size of the windows in your room, there is a very appropriate solution that is perfectly in line with this style: to have a glass wall built as a separation between the kitchen and the living area. The glass surface will allow light to pass through and not to close optically, to give the illusion that the spaces are decidedly wider and brighter. The most suitable windows for the style are those framed with frames in natural iron or painted in black.

The palette of colors, in fact, prefers gray and black, in addition to the white and natural color of the wood.

Finally, don’t forget a few, well-designed objects or items rich in histories, such as old kitchen accessories, clocks, metal letters, mid-century signs, and posters.

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