Bedroom with dark furniture: what color to choose

These are the best colour combinations for a bedroom with particularly dark furnishings.

Generally, the choice of colour for a room in the house takes precedence over the rest. This is the first element to be studied, on the basis of which you can then select the furniture. All this is, however, possible in a new house, where these operations take place for the first time. If you want to renovate an already furnished room, what is the solution? Here are some useful tips for the color of the walls of the bedroom, with dark furniture inside.

Wall colour with dark furniture

The bedroom should be a place of serenity, with few stimuli except those suitable for relaxation. For this reason, very often we tend to opt for neutral colors for the walls of this room. Tones such as cream, hemp, grey beige or pink beige are particularly appreciated in the decoration, transmitting warmth and security.

Relying on an expert in these cases can be useful. His experience will help, for example, to balance some colours, such as hemp, which otherwise risks being a little bit

monotonous. This is little in tune with light wood and everything that tends towards yellow. Instead, it is a wise choice in case there are dark floors and furniture in the bedroom, maybe

black people. 

Brown, in all its shades, has always been the most used colour for bedroom furniture. Its use is closely linked to the presence of wooden furniture, which are to be used in the following ways

for the most part in this type of environment. The tones are multiple, from ash (very light) to ebony (particularly dark). It is therefore very easy to find the right dye, which is right for you. An interior designer will be able to study carefully the tones of the furniture, opting for a color that is in line. In fact, we tend to try to give continuity to

colour of wooden furniture, avoiding a clear separation, at least in the bedroom. More daring solutions are more suitable for the living area of the house.

White is one of the recommended colours for the bedroom. It is one of the most commonly used, especially in line with a more modern furniture, for a well-lit bedroom, especially thanks to a good supply of sunlight. In combination with dark coloured furniture, a very sharp contrast is obtained, which can give character to the entire room.

If the walls provide light, the comparison with the existing furniture, perhaps black, exudes style. What you get from this color solution is a strong line of furniture. It’s almost a return to the past,

considering how in the ’20s particular emphasis was given to these two basic colors: black and white. Without exaggerating, you could get a vintage effect, of great class. Your bedroom would thus be quite essential in style, but comfortable and relaxing. No particular stimulus for your brain, with eyes that can relax, losing themselves in

before you give in to your well-deserved sleep.

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