Colored penthouse in Spain

Today we virtually enter an attic that enjoys the light and the view over the rooftops of Madrid.

Located in the historic heart of the city, this two-room apartment has an enviable feature in any metropolitan apartment: the terrace.

In summer, in fact, the summer living room becomes more welcoming and gives relief on the warmer evenings.

Originally the apartment was a rather dark and gloomy old attic. The interiors have been completely renovated to take full advantage of this large outdoor area.

The living area, with kitchen open to the living area, is very bright and has the extension of the conversation/relaxation corner directly on the terrace. This pleasantly furnished outdoor space increases the actual space of the apartment, which, as we have said, is not very large. And this reminds us of the importance of having an outlet to the outside especially when we talk about mini apartments.

In the restructuring some simple tricks have been put into practice that applies as a general rule for small apartments:

  • The cement-effect floor continues throughout the house, to unify and visually multiply the space.
  • The use of color on the walls is one of the most adopted strategies for small rooms: The common thread is white, but both the living room and the bedroom have a wall painted blue (of different tones), to highlight that area and give strength and character to the whole. Similarly, the shower wall was also covered with contrasting tiles.

The furniture is, as is now the trend in recent years, a pleasant mix of styles, consisting of contemporary furniture, vintage or industrial style, which make the whole cozy and relaxing.

The decor effect is here reinforced by the fabrics of the accessories, which with colors, patterns and textures add rhythm, joy, and contrasts.

And if you intend to stay in Madrid, know that the owner rents the apartment for short stays, not bad eh?!

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