Design a small garden. “Big projects for small spaces”

We arrive home, tired and stressed out after a full day’s work with our best propane torch and look for our moment to relax, a single moment to dedicate to ourselves. And this is where our small garden comes into play, that important space of the house and that so many good moments make us spend throughout the year.

The importance of a correct design of our small garden

The gardens of our homes are the green lungs of our homes. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big garden or a small one, they will all end up becoming one of the favorite corners of our homes.
To combine in the same space avant-garde design, exclusivity, beauty and functionality, is not an easy task, but surely the results will allow us to get the most out and enjoy, at all times, our small green space.

That the dimensions of our small garden are not a limitation to our imagination

There is a false myth that a small garden limits both our possibilities and attributes of use and our options for enjoyment of it. There are many who give their small garden the label of future storage, where to accumulate all those pots, furniture etc …, to which we do not know what use to give.
Never further from reality, the limits to our small garden lie more in our own creativity and imagination, than in the dimensions of the garden itself.
The professional landscape gardener will be interested in what each client demands, in the concept that each one of us has of our garden, what needs we seek to satisfy, what uses we intend to give it and what functionalities we wish to integrate in it.
There should be no fads or standards, the design of a garden should be at all times personalized and exclusive, adjusting to the requirements of each client in question.
Our garden must be flexible, dynamic, which transmits that, even being a space of the house, entering it will move us to another place, to our place.

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