Feminine apartment in a mix of styles

Today’s home-tour meets a home, welcoming, bright and above all very feminine.

A shabby chic style kitchen, an exotic and colorful living room, a classic bedroom and a romantic bathroom give the idea of ​​how varied the composition of this apartment is.

Turquoise and pink never manage to break through our hearts, here at Homes and Interiors. Yet this beautiful Madrid apartment is full of cheerful, so harmoniously matched shades that seem to us to be a perfect choice and with character.

The light of the Spanish capital enters through the windows of the apartment with high ceilings and is reflected through mirrors and glazed doors, to expand the space. And so its 67 square meters don’t seem to be too few.

The white background of the walls is accented by bright and feminine colors, which we find in the curtains, in the mattress-style sofa, in the cushions, in the mix of tiles in the kitchen and in other details rich in personality. While the wooden floor harmonizes everything and gives continuity to the house.

An eclectic style that includes pieces in exotic style such as the large armchair in the bedroom, vintage furniture and other contemporary designs such as kitchen stools.

Finally, what about the large walk-in closet with the entire shoe collection on display? Really the dream of every fan of Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and The City!

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