If the bedroom is in the attic

The attics always have something unique and fascinating and give effect atmospheres, thanks to their sloping ceilings, the skylights, the wooden beams, the beautiful natural light that comes from above.

In particular, the bedrooms in the attic offer unique opportunities to have a romantic and at the same time intimate and relaxing environment.

Of course, the attic bedrooms are not easy to furnish, but it is necessary to be able to grasp all the opportunities of space that the local can offer. [source image opening here]

Here are some ideas for furnishing a room in the attic.

The general rule is to place the areas in which to move or stand in the parts with the highest height, leaving the lower parts to contain the functions. This rule can obviously be turned upside down to adapt to the shape and size of the room since each room has its specific characteristics and peculiarities (from the size to the shape, from the position of the door to that of natural light, etc.).

For example, in a small bedroom, where the roof has a single sloping pitch, the bed could be placed against the low wall, making sure that in the central part of the bed there is always the possibility of standing up comfortably. You can compensate for any space left empty in the lower part of the room, behind the headboard of the bed, with a container, which also acts as a back-bed. In this case, the cabinet could be positioned against the highest wall, facing the bed, if there is space or on one of the side walls.

Instead, in a large bedroom with a sloping roof, the bed could be placed in the highest and central part (i.e. the ridge part) to enhance the stenographic effect of the large attic room. In this case, along the walls can be placed the furniture intended for the function of containers, even with small or large walk-in closets, depending on the space available. In fact, it is necessary to exploit every centimeter not habitable, obtaining custom-made furniture of great containment capacity, to make up for the difficulty of inserting traditional cabinets and chests of drawers.

Finally, in a bedroom, it is particularly important to think about the methods to screen the light of the windows, which is habitable attics are almost always made up of opening skylights. Given the particularity of the fixture, it is not always easy to find ad hoc curtains and blinds. In this regard, on the Ve lux website, it is possible to find a wide choice that meets every need. In this way, your bedroom in the attic will take on a welcoming and comfortable appearance, without having to give up any comfort.

We leave you some inspirations to furnish your bedroom in the attic.

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