Mini apartment in a period house

Today Case e Intern brings you once again to Sweden, more precisely we have virtually entered a 20s building, where this small furnished apartment is located, needless to say, in Scandinavian style.

To make a mini apartment of less than 50 square meters welcoming and livable, good solutions for internal distribution and furnishing designed by a professional are needed. The difficulty, however, of living in a period house like this, is that there are load-bearing walls that cannot be demolished to enlarge the spaces.

In this case, to avoid the risk of sleeping in an uncomfortable sofa bed directly in the large living room, suitable for receiving numerous friends, another solution was found. The idea, even if a little extreme, is however appreciable: to create a niche in the entrance, able to contain a French bed.

The house was intended for sale, so it is assumed that not much investment has been made. This solution, in fact, can very well be taken into consideration in a rented house or when you have a reduced budget.

Alternatively, to avoid the claustrophobic feeling of resting in such a small space, we would have advised retractable walls, to be opened and closed if necessary or, if the height allows it, to place a loft bed.

The white and bright kitchen is furnished with IKEA furniture and, something to be reckoned with, has an appreciable small balcony, a small outlet to the eternal.

The living room with a beautiful gray corner sofa and other designer furniture is welcoming and invites you to relax, like all Nordic environments, where they are used to spending a lot of time at home in the long and cold winters.

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