New generation thermo-hydraulic systems

Quality of life, saving and environmental protection with new heating systems.

People are paying more and more attention to the quality of life and know that it depends on a good diet, on the possibility of cutting time for relaxation and hobbies and, finally, on the healthiness of the environment in which you live, inside and outside. Today, achieving this goal is no longer impossible because it may seem strange, but living well also means saving. In particular, it is possible to improve the quality of life with new generation air conditioning and heating systems. These allow you to have a high living comfort and to live well in the home, allow you to pollute less than obsolete systems and at the same time have a lower environmental impact. This is why a new system can significantly improve the quality of life. Moreover, the advantages do not end there, in fact the new systems pollute little because they consume less, they are more efficient, this translates into real economic savings, which are also accompanied by tax deductions for energy efficiency.

The new generation of heating systems are underfloor, these provide a radiant system that emits heat evenly from the bottom to the top. Underfloor systems require a lower temperature than the liquid circulating in the system compared to systems with traditional radiators. This translates into an economic saving that increases considerably if the systems are connected to a condensing boiler. In fact, this boiler is able to recover the heat of the water vapour produced by combustion. For those who have a roof well exposed to the sun or space in front of the house, an alternative to the traditional system for the production of hot water is the photovoltaic system. This allows you to use the heat of the sun to heat the water to be used for the sanitary or heating system. The actual capacity depends on the exposure to the sun and the surface of the applied panels. In some cases it is also possible to have complete autonomy and therefore a considerable saving in the bill. Finally, for summer air conditioning, it is possible to use the new air conditioners, which include an outdoor unit connected to several indoor units.

For the construction of advanced thermo-hydraulic systems it is possible to rely on the experience of Fomit in Ancona. The company specialises in the production of the latest generation of heating, air conditioning and plumbing systems. You can contact the company for any need, ranging from the design of the systems to the construction of the same and, finally, take care of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. The works are carried out both for buildings for civil use and for commercial and industrial premises. In any case, every effort will be made to achieve excellent results. The company is also involved in the installation, maintenance, repair and replacement of heat pump and condensing boilers. Fomit is also involved in the construction of photovoltaic systems. Thanks to the professionalism and experience in the field will be possible to choose the best exposure and inclination of the panels. In this way you will have the maximum production of energy, all while always taking into account the overall aesthetics of the building on which you intervene. In any case, it supplies accessories, taps, heat pumps, convectors and everything you need to build systems to perfection.

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