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It is a fat-tailed breed and raised mainly as a meat sheep breed for meat production. It is recognized as an official breed by the Brazilian Sheep Breeder’s Association. Learn how your comment data is processed. History of the Persian sheep. Photo about Herd of blackheaded persian sheeps. Chanlcteristi~ of Blackhead Persian Sheep Muhikambele*,V.R.M., L.A. Mtenga, and W.D.Mafwere Department of Animal Science and Production, Sokoine University of Agriculture, PO Box 3004, Morogoro, Tanzania. It also played a role in the upgrading of the Karakul. Short tails that don’t need docking . In the 1950s there were estimated to be two million Persian Blackheads in South Africa, and they had also been introduced to Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Ghana. THE DORPER SHEEP. The breed was crossbred with local sheep breeds and also was improved by crossing it with such sheep breeds as the Dorper. According to Sikosana (pers. The Blackhead Persian has a white body and, as their name would suggest, an entirely black head. On average at maturity, rams weigh 68 kg and ewes 52 kg. The Blackhead Persian sheep breed has also been imported into the Caribbean region, Central and South America for cross-breeding purposes. Average Weight. On average at maturity, rams weigh 68 kg and ewes 52 kg. About Blackhead Persian Sheep. Weight of lambs weaned (at 150 days) per ewe per year (Index D, per kg liveweight of ewe per year (Index II), per kg metabolic body weight (W0.73) of ewe per year (Index III), and per lifetime of ewe regardless of ewe weight (Index IV), were computed for 3022 ewes at … And rams have now been used as a foundation sires in White Dorper upgrading programs. Despite its name, the Blackhead Persian originated in Somalia and was imported into South Africa in about 1870. Sheep and goat … Dorpers are the most popular shedding sheep breed in the world and indeed are one of the most widespread and commercially significant sheep in the world. One of the most fertile of sheep breeds that is hornless with good body length and a … Some of the sheep have been crossbred and no longer true to the original Sabi type and have been continually infused with Blackhead Persian blood as reported by Donkin (1973). Their ears are long and pendulous, and the neck is also black. However, review full breed profile of the Blackhead Persian sheep in the following chart. Ecological zones. Snap is one of triplets and is used to … Title: Cross Between A Blackhead Persian Sheep Ovis, Author: LouisaKerr, Name: Cross Between A Blackhead Persian Sheep Ovis, Length: 4 pages, Page: 1, Published: 2013-07-24 . In the Caribbean region, the average litter size was 1.08, and the 95 day lamb weight was about 13 kg for singles. ‘South African sheep breeds: Persian sheep’. Persian sheep are a rare breed in Australia. Source: Snyman, MA. Weekly water consumption increased twice as … Both sexes are polled. Rams have an average birthweight of 2,6kg, while ewes weigh on average 2,55kg at birth. Grass grown using methods of Fukuoka, no dig. Mature rams range in weight from 240 pounds to 275 pounds. According to Sikosana (pers. REQUEST QUOTE . Email. The Blackhead Persian is an indigenous African sheep developed over 120 years from a foundation stock of one ram and three ewes (Campbell and Hof- meyr, 1972 ). Nutritional regimes were: good grazing with concentrate supplement (high), good grazing without supplement (medium) and poor grazing without supplement (low). Description A small, smooth-haired fat rumped sheep with three distinct varieties: • Blackhead Persian • Redhead Persian • Speckled (Skilder) Persian. The first Van Rooy embryos were imported into Australia in 1998. They have a white body and black head and neck with the two colors sharply distinguished. Ewes lactate for approximately 84 days, produce 50 kg (110 lb) of milk with 5.9% fat. Blackhead Persian Ewes. Persians are great hair shedders so will add some nice patterns and easy shedding to your sheep . The Blackhead Persian is a fat-tailed breed of domestic sheep. The Persian (Blackhead) Sheep Breeders’ Society of South Africa was formed in 1930. It has a black head, with long pendulous ears, and a black neck and a white body, with a clear line demarcating the two colours. It has a black head, with long pendulous ears, and a black neck and a white body, with a clear line demarcating the two colours. On a metabolic weight gain basis, the corresponding differences were 92 and 66%, respectively. present Blackhead Persian Sheep Breeders’ Society of South Africa was formed in De Aar. The sheep is originally from Somali land. There was a difference in lambing distribution between Blackhead Persian and Dorper cross Blackhead Persian sheep. The Blackhead Persian breed that was chosen as the maternal side by the South African farmers, brought a hardiness and excellent fertility to the relationship. Hebridean Sheep Society Old Breed for New Times. The rump and the base of the tail have an accumulation of fat. Blackhead Persians are adapted to extreme arid conditions where they have outstanding performance, are capable of year-round breeding, and suitable for upgrading less adapted breeds. Sheep and goat have a great role in the economy of the pastoral communities which have inhabited in the lowland parts Ethiopia. In the year of 1906, a South African studbook was set up, and there were around 4000 registered animals by 1930. The Blackhead Persian is a polled breed with both sexes lacking horns. It yields a light carcass that is often downgraded due to fatness. Profile flat to slightly convex. The Blackhead Persian sheep are well adapted to their local climates. However, read some more information about this sheep breed below. It was imported into South Africa in about 1870. The lambing period of group “B” (22 days) was unexpectedly shorter than that of group “A” (34 days). On an absolute basis, Mutton Merino sheep consumed 145% and Dorper 109% more water than Blackhead Persian sheep. weight of blackhead Somali (BHS) sheep using linear body measurements under farm condition. comm. The breed was specifically bred for the large quantity of fat stored in the tail region which gave resilience in arid conditions and which was prized for cooking. Male lambs exhibited higher weights than females across all traits (Table 2). FRIESIAN COWS ♦Breed: friesian cows ♦Age: 1-2years ♦Average Live Weight: 370kg. Both rams and ewes weight around 2.6 kg at birth. The breed known in Brazil as the Somalis Brasileira, Brazilian Somali or Somali Blackhead is also largely of Blackheaded Persian decent with some authors suggesting local breeds also make up a small percentage of the genetics.

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