Scandinavian style with glass wall

The apartment in the period house seen on the real estate site Entrance has a sober and refined appearance, but at the same time welcoming. One immediately recognizes the Scandinavian touch, but the fact that we are in a building of 1920 in Sweden, means that moldings, stucco ceilings, and large windows appear, which give it charms and character.

As we have often seen in some French or other more industrial-style houses, the division between one room and another has been created thanks to a large glass wall, which gives a touch of timeless elegance.

An idea to keep in mind, when one needs to have to divide very large rooms, to obtain new rooms or small relaxation corners. With the glass walls, in fact, space is visually amplified, because it separates without optically dividing.

In environments such as the Nordic, characterized by low natural light in most of the year, the solution of inserting a glass wall, like this in industrial style, favors the passage of light sources from one space to another.

Here there is a study in the living room, thanks to the division in half of the masonry and half glazed. The glass walls, in fact, can give the possibility to dedicate oneself to one’s work or to one’s hobbies without disturbing the other members of the family.

Regarding colors, finally, we are in the field of Scandinavian design, so go ahead with light and bright shades, which harmonize in a palette of neutral and gray tones, made warmer by the wooden floor. The only room with a little color and the children’s room, painted a powder blue, perfectly in style with the period home.

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