Solutions for furnishing a terrace

With summer comes the desire to spend more time outdoors, to take advantage of their outdoor spaces: balconies, terraces, gardens.

We know that a balcony or terrace can add value to the house, as, especially in the warmer and milder months, it allows you to spend time relaxing outdoors, staying in your own home.

For those lucky enough to own one, after choosing the plants the time has come to furnish it. Let’s see in order how to furnish your terrace or balcony to make the environment more pleasant and livable.

The first suggestion is to not stray too far from the style you have chosen to furnish the interior of your home so that there can be continuity between inside and outside.

The second piece of advice is to carefully evaluate the spaces, so as not to make it suffocating and full of space.

Certainly for an outdoor environment dedicated to relaxation, the sessions are essential, accompanied by a nice tabletop, which can be useful both for organizing outdoor dinners and for relaxing with some hobbies, between the green of the plants and the perfume of flowers.

If your terrace is large enough to create more rooms, try to organize the living area with a sofa, a low table and maybe some lanterns. To recreate a real open-air living room.

While in the part of the terrace used for lunch you cannot miss an extendable table, to be used also for a nice breakfast, with comfortable seats to be able to spend beautiful evenings with family and friends.

Finally, all that remains is to dedicate oneself to the choice of pots and containers for plants. Try to various sizes and heights, maybe even colors, to give a little movement and joy to space.

We hope that these little ideas on how to furnish your terrace or balcony will help you make the environment more pleasant and livable in the summer.

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