Space-saving ideas: staircases and drawers

One of the most popular space-saving ideas of recent years is the staircase with built-in drawers. Find out everything you need to know in this guide.

When dealing with small homes, having good space-saving ideas is critical to not having to make too many sacrifices. In recent times, one of the solutions that has found greater acceptance is that of the staircase drawer. In this way, the space under the steps is transformed into a practical storage room, where you can store shoes, books, small tools, documents and all the other things that you can not give a proper place in the house.

There are many types of staircases with drawers. The best thing is to have a custom-made one, so as to make the most of the domestic spaces. In fact, it is possible to lean towards opening only the first two steps of the staircase. Moreover, in this area the guaranteed depth is high, while it tends to decrease as you go up.

For those who need a lot of space and for those who want to always have everything in order, it may be useful, however, insert two drawers at each step. In this case, however, to obtain a good result, it is important that the steps are large and high enough.

The strategic points in which to place a staircase with drawers

Having little space means having to look for practical and easy to implement ideas for the home. As for the ladder-drawer, which can be very convenient to hold various objects, the positioning can vary depending on the needs. For example, the staircase can become part of the structure of the bed, if it is placed on a loft, which can be accessed via steps.

This solution is perfect for children’s rooms, where space-saving containers are never enough to keep everything tidy. However, there is also the possibility to use the steps of a staircase to store objects that you want to put in sight. To achieve this effect, the steps must be open, but without a drawer. This is certainly a simple solution, but it can guarantee a high aesthetic impact.

Space-saving ideas: other aspects to consider on the drawer-stairs

The ladder-drawer is certainly one of the best space-saving ideas currently available, as it allows you to store all small or medium sized objects that you can not find a precise location, because of the limited space available. When this kind of solution is preferred, it is necessary to ask for the intervention of a professional, that is a carpenter.

In the evaluation phase it is important to consider the price of realization, which will depend on the type of materials chosen, the amount of steps to be built, as well as the type of opening selected. As far as the latter is concerned, the possibilities are truly infinite: it is enough to take into account one’s own tastes and needs. However, it is also important to bear in mind that, in order to make the drawers truly functional, they should be easy to open.

In fact, the classic handles could be an obstacle in the use of the stairs and could also be unpleasant to the eye. Therefore, it is better to opt for a ring opening, for a steel or leather tab on one side to be pulled or for a simple small or large eyelet. It should not be forgotten, however, that there is also a throat opening, which provides a long slot that runs along the entire length of the step, which is practical, but also not cumbersome.

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