The 4 tools to organize your apartment renovation

Here are the 4 tools used by blog about tools to organize the apartment renovation that will save you a lot of time.

If you read this article you are probably planning to renovate your apartment.

Maybe to live there alone. Or to start the adventure of living with your better half.

Maybe you’ve never had the need to understand how to evaluate renovation estimates.

I guess before you signed the deed, you always saw construction as a distant thing. Other people’s problem.

You felt like a Roman spectator watching the gladiators from outside the arena fight against all the problems of choosing the construction company.

Today instead you are forced to descend into the battlefield to fight for the survival of your peace of mind and your savings.

To make sure this happens and get the keys to your renovated apartment without any nasty surprises you need to know how to manage this project.

Restructuring is nothing more than a project.

In fact, the 4 main characteristics of a project are:

  1. All activities have a definite beginning and end 
  2. Consisting of a set of related activities
  3. Carried out by a group of people working together 
  4. For a defined period of time and with specific resources assigned. 

If you think about it these characteristics also describe the renovation of your apartment.

In fact, even the restructuring has a beginning and an end – this always if you do not decide to select the company solely and exclusively for the price. In that case, I have been repeating it for years, probably the works will never end.

It is composed of a set of decisions, processes. First there is the choice of the kitchen, then the delivery to the apartment and finally the installation work.

Carried out by a group of people as an electrician, bricklayer, plumber and a surveyor architect who work together to make your apartment.

For a defined period of time and with specific resources assigned.

Also in this case it is easy to understand that by choosing a company that guarantees compliance with the contract, the defined time periods will most likely be respected

It goes without saying that if, on the other hand, you opt for craftsmen or badly organized companies, the probability that the defined period of time and the real time of completion of the works coincide is very low.

So as you can understand the renovation is a real and proper project.

And as such it involves:

  • Costs: i.e. the cost of the renovation works, the costs related to land registry, furniture  etc. 
  • Times: times needed to finish the works, times to get all the furnishings etc;
  • Risks: risks of finishing work late, risks of spending more than expected, etc.

To ensure that these three factors are always monitored and reduced as much as possible.

You will need to be the Project Manager of your restructuring.

How to do it?

Follow me in the reading and I’ll explain it to you.

First you need to know that each project is made up of 4 phases:

  1. Programming: perhaps the most important phase of the project which we will see in more detail below.
  2. Planning: if you have decided to rely on an architect, this phase will be carried out especially with him. 
  3. Execution of the work: unless you want to take the trowel and hammer, this phase will not concern you directly 
  4. Closing the project: the final phase of the project which will include testing and handing over the keys to your finished apartment 

“The really important things are rarely urgent and the urgent things are rarely really important. The unimportant things become urgent due to the lack of planning. “

This phrase by the famous American commander David Eisenhower clearly expresses the importance of planning, which especially in construction can be turned into savings or less than thousands of euros.

That’s right. In projects it is in the part of programming that true value is created. So even for you who are about to go into the renovation project, this part is very important.

By observing some tips that I will give you and learning some tools you can find benefits   in a short time. They will facilitate your search for the architect or construction company and will allow you to avoid a lot of unnecessary waste of time (analysis of estimates far from your needs).

So let’s not waste any more time …

1)  Define immediately how you want your apartment to be completed.

You could do it by answering these questions:

  • Do you have how many bedrooms do I need?
  • Do you how many bathrooms do I need?
  • Would I like the kitchen in the same room as the lounge or would I like two separate rooms?
  • Do I want to leave the kitchen where it is now or do I want to move it?
  • Is the bathroom okay or do I want to enlarge it?
  • Do I want to change windows? What kind of windows do I want?
  • Do I want to change the flooring? What type of flooring do I want?
  • The terms are old and I want to replace them or are they okay?

In this way you can start to sketch your ideal apartment. You will be forced   to consider your needs first. 

For example, the choice of the arrangement of the rooms of the apartment by a couple expecting a child will be different from that of a single, despite the size of the apartment being the same. This is because each of us has different needs.

Another advantage that you will have by defining immediately how you want your new home is to be clear right away both with the construction company and with the architect, avoiding that they try to sell you their concept of house, which sincerely You do not care.

2) Define your Budget.

That is, clarify how much you can or want to spend on this project.

In this way you will not waste time listening to the architect or the company when they propose solutions that do not correspond to your needs.

For example, let’s say you are an investor and have decided to renovate a newly bought apartment to rent it. You certainly don’t want to spend   crazy amounts on a property that will soon be at the mercy of people you don’t know and will most likely force you to redo the work after a few years.

So you don’t care about all the cutting edge and expensive solutions. For you, the main thing is that everything is up to standard and that the restaurant can be rented as soon as possible at a low cost.

This thing will allow you to be immediately clear with the company that can easily provide you with a quotation quickly and according to your needs.

Or you have decided to renovate your future home and you have some money aside. In this case, having clear how much you want to spend you will carry out your research (for example in the furniture) and make your decisions immediately discarding the alternatives that are not in line with your spending needs.

Also in this case, by communicating the budget range that you are willing to spend you will help both the architect and the construction company, who will have all the information to make you an offer tailored to your requests, saving you from wrong and off-target quotes.

3) Break the project down into smaller activities. 

Here are the steps to do it easily:

  1. Identify your project: in this case the apartment renovation;
  2. Break it down: into the sub-projects that make it up. In this case you must carry out the sub-project of design, construction and end of furniture.
  3. Break down each sub project: into the parts that make it up. Example under the furniture project the rooms to be furnished (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom etc.) are listed and for each of which the furnishings are listed (desks, bed, TV etc.). If you are picky you can continue as long as you want to have it, you can stop at the 4th level as in the example.

In this way you will be clear from the start about all aspects of the job and you can easily assign the different tasks.

Taking our example again, you can assign the entire construction sub-project to the construction company, you and your wife will carry out the design and the furniture.

Remember that you can decompose the project and sub projects based on:

  1. Product components
  2. By stages of time 
  3. For responsibility

4) Create your work plan.

Once you have identified the activities to be carried out, you can create your work plan.

As in the first case, even here you don’t have to know the precise times of each activity. You can safely assume them at the beginning and then change them once the information is obtained.

That is, you don’t have to know exactly the days that the construction company will take to provide you with the offer. But you can ask the technician who will come to do the inspection and mark it. In this way it will be clear that you are a person who wants the deadlines to be respected.

As for the temporal representation we can use one of the most famous tools in the world of projects, the Gant diagram.

This project management support tool, named in memory of the American engineer Henry Lawrence Gantt [1] (1861-1919), who was involved in social sciences and who conceived it in 1917.

The duration of activities is a technique of representation on a time scale

You will only have to list all the activities of your project that you have identified previously. Define the start and end date of each one and you will have your Gant chart ready to be used by the monitor.

These tools that I have described will lead you to always have your renovation project under control, save a lot of time and above all prevent you from seeing a lot of money burning in the wind.

Furthermore, observing these 4 points and using the tools that I have detected, in a short time you   will be able to manage the renovation project much better than many architects, engineers, surveyors or craftsmen in the sector.

I hope you enjoyed the article.

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