The discreet charm of white and gray

Welcome to New York in this brick building presented on One fine stay, where shades of gray and blue reign and a fabulous kitchen that invites you to cook!

The house is located in the beautiful neighborhood of Park Slope, an idyllic slice of Brooklyn, with a beautiful park at your doorstep. Park Slope is also known for its avenues, full of shops, bars, and restaurants that satisfy a highly demanding clientele.

The house reflects the refined tastes of those who live there, gray is the color of elegance and charm.

There are many customers who ask us for advice on gray and possible combinations. In fact, gray in interior design is one of the most trendy colors in recent years, widely used by fellow architects and interior designers, who have re-evaluated it because it adapts to every style.

An elegant color, sophisticated and versatile, able to enhance almost all interiors, gives value to other colors by enhancing their effect. For this reason, all the variants of gray have become increasingly widespread, from pearl gray to whale gray and dove gray.

Returning to the house of today, from which we take inspiration for our observations, gray is in a darker shade and with a note of blue, compared to how we used to see in European homes, but still winks an eye to the Nordic – Scandinavian style. In particular, here it is combined with white and blue, giving life to solutions of great effect.

White-gray-blue, together they give a touch of elegance and refinement to every room of the house, from the living area to the bedroom, passing through the kitchen and the bathroom. Take a look at the photos of today’s service and discover the various ways to furnish your home with gray and blue colors.

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