The house as a loft with a boho-chic style

We have already seen how the industrial style, which is so fascinating in recent times, is not only the prerogative of large lofts. Any home, large or small, can follow this style, especially if it is mixed with other styles of furniture.

This Spanish apartment is the proof: the structure itself is not typically that of the loft, which we all imagine. For example, there are no huge industrial-style windows or double heights, which allow large mezzanines.

A fairly common apartment, to which unusual elements have been added, such as the exposed systems (air conditioning, electrical system) and some walls have been demolished, to allow the open-space effect of the living area.

For the furnishings, we chose a decidedly Boho Chic eclectic mix, a very relaxing set composed of objects and accessories, which give a character as old sideboards, tables with steel tops, romantic aviaries, baskets, glass demijohns, and different plants.

The different elements come together in a vintage/industrial spirit, which contributes to creating a charming and welcoming urban apartment.

If you plan to visit Madrid, keep in mind that this location can be rented for your vacation (see link at the bottom of the post). In the meantime, look at the photos and get inspired…

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