Tips for choosing the right bath vacuum cleaner

There are different types of bathroom vacuum cleaners, even if their operation is practically the same. Here is a reminder that will come in handy.

It can happen very often that in our homes there is a blind bathroom, that is without a window. Fortunately, this is no longer a problem: we can choose from many types of vacuum cleaners for the bathroom that allows us to have a continuous exchange of air, necessary for this room.

Let’s face it, a good vacuum cleaner for this room not only improves air quality by eliminating stagnant odours, but also removes moisture – responsible for condensation and moulds that are difficult to eliminate – and removes bacteria and viruses from the air. That’s why it’s essential to know how to choose a good fan, also according to the characteristics of our bathroom.

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How to Choose the Right Bathroom Vacuum Cleaner

There are different types of bathroom vacuum cleaners, even if their operation is practically the same: the fan draws in the air present in the room and – through a duct – leads it outside.  Therefore, for it to work, the fan must be connected both to the electrical system and to a venting channel.

Let’s now see what are the parameters to be taken into account when choosing the bathroom vacuum cleaner that best suits our needs.

Motor power and air flow rate

Obviously a larger bathroom contains more air to move: to have a reference we consider that an intake fan with a power of 15 watts can move 90 cubic meters per hour, is therefore suitable for medium size bathroom. For small bathrooms – or service bathrooms – even an 8 or 4 Watt vacuum cleaner can be used.

Suction speed

For large bathrooms it is more appropriate to opt for a 2-speed bath vacuum cleaner, adjustable with a switch or with the light switched on. For a small or service bathroom, a basic version with only one speed is also suitable.

Noise level

It may seem like a secondary factor, but it’s not! If – for example – the bathroom is used at night, the risk is to disturb the sleep of the tenants, so let’s not underestimate the noise level of the fan.

Aesthetics and shape of the blades

If we have a modern, designer bathroom, we will certainly have to take care of the appearance of the vacuum cleaner as well. On the market you can find some of them particularly well cared for from this point of view, of course the price tends to be a bit ‘higher: we always try to combine our needs with our desires. The shape of the blades of the suction fan is not only an aesthetic element, in fact if we choose blades with a wing profile we will be able to move more quantities of air. This solution is also among the quietest.

Where to place the bath vacuum?

Once you have chosen the best bathroom suction fan for your needs, the last thing that remains to be clarified is: where should it be positioned? We cannot give a clear answer, because it depends on many factors. First of all – as we said before – it must be connected both to the outside and to the electrical system, so you have to choose the right point for the connections. If every corner of the bathroom is suitable for connection, then we choose to place the bath vacuum in the places where it is most needed, for example above the shower, where it can immediately draw in the vapours of the hot water and thus prevent the formation of condensation from humidity and mould.

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