TOP 10 most useful tools for the home

There is a wide range of tasks that you can perform on your own at home: hanging pictures, assembling shelves, changing lamps, cleaning gutters outside, etc. So you need to know exactly which tools are not to be missed in your case, like mini drill press. It is important that you opt for quality as they are more resistant and therefore last much longer. Cheap tools generally break after a few uses.

The best tools for the home

  1. Hammer: The hammer is a key tool in the home environment. Its applications are very varied: placing nails, adjusting plasterboards, etc. To make it more comfortable and easier to use, we recommend that the handle is rounded and ergonomic. Of course, the weight of the hammer must also be taken into account for easy handling.
  2. Drill: just like the hammer, the drill is essential for making holes. The most modern models are cordless, so they allow greater freedom of movement. It is advisable to choose good quality drills, which do not break or bend at the first change.
  3. Cutter: the cutter is very useful for cutting different surfaces, such as carpets or plasterboard, for example. To make the right choice, it should have a retractable blade, spare blades and an ergonomic handle.
  4. Laser level: When hanging pictures or shelves, for example, the laser level is essential. It allows you to check the alignment of walls and objects. Many of the current models have a tape measure.
  5. Saw: In the do-it-yourself field, the saw is very important. The ideal is to have a multipurpose tool, which allows both transversal and longitudinal cuts.
  6. Keys: when tightening nuts and bolts, having a set of keys at home is essential. It is best to opt for a set of combination wrenches, such as those with circular open and closed mouths at each end.
  7. Ladder: to carry out tasks at height, it is essential to have a ladder: hanging pictures, cleaning gutters outside, changing lamps, etc. The ideal height is between 2 and 2.5 metres. There are also outdoor ladders on the market that can reach 5 metres in height.
  8. Sander: Another tool that cannot be missing at home is the sander. For polishing and sanding large surfaces quickly and easily an electric sander is the best solution available. It is also convenient to have several sanding papers, which are sold in packs of several units.
  9. Silicone gun: Silicone is a material widely used for the construction or repair of furniture. For its application, the silicone gun is key.
  10. Brushes and rollers: and finally, it is important to have a set of brushes and rollers in the tool case. They can be used to paint walls, touch up frames, etc.

Now that you know which tools are essential in the home, it’s time to include them all in your case, they will be super useful!

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