Visible beams for your own home? Here’s what Feng Shui says

If in the western vision the exposed beams are a very interesting architectural element, according to Feng Shui they take on a negative connotation.

Feng Shui considers exposed beams as a “danger” to the internal harmony to be corrected: these are the reasons why it is better to avoid them at home.

Visual beams for Feng Shui

Eastern philosophies can be very fascinating and involve unexpected aspects of everyday life. These also include the spaces in which we live. In particular, exposed beams for Feng Shui take on a significance that we ignore in Western culture. According to Chinese tradition, in fact, if a ceiling or beams are too low, they are overwhelming and can damage the circulation of Ch’i, the vital energy.

Following the suggestions of Feng Shui you can achieve greater prosperity, better health and more happiness, thanks to the flow of positive energy that goes to channel into the house.

Feng shui and exposed beams do not go together, as beams would be a dangerous element for our health and opportunities and as such should be corrected with appropriate remedies. The most famous manuals of Feng Shui suggest to incorporate all the beams and pillars inside the walls, even if this is not the best of aesthetics. However, personal well-being is more important and should be given priority over architectural fashions.

Wood element for Feng Shui

Wood is a very important material for Feng Shui, as it is able to express wisdom and concentration together, which is why it should be placed in a home at least for the office, study and sleeping area. The element of wood for Feng Shui, given its importance, in the exposed beams risks negatively affecting the internal balance of the house because they are considered to be non-harmonic in shape.

Protruding ceiling beams generate waves of form that hit a person’s body and can pose a threat to rest – if placed in the bedroom – which is why Feng Shui says they use a cloth or curtains to cover them.

Mistakes not to be made and remedies

According to Feng Shui, the ceiling symbolically evokes the celestial vault, which is why this philosophy prefers harmoniously shaped vaults. The ceiling should be as regular as possible, not low, bright and proportionate to the size of the room.

As for individual rooms, small rooms should not have high ceilings, on the contrary, large living rooms should not have low and oppressive ceilings and absolutely to avoid are rooms with exposed beams: this type of environment can transmit a negative energy that tends to crush. Shapes and materials affect our well-being according to the energy flow, which is why many construction companies carry out architectural projects that take into account the guidelines of Feng Shui.

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